Ráday collection

The Ráday Collection is an umbrella institution of the reformed church. It consists of a library, an archive, and two museums: the Bible Museum in Budapest and the Ráday Museum in Kecskemét.

The library gains its name as well as the majority of its books from the aristocratic Ráday family’s private collection.

Most of the volumes are from the Enlightenment era; these were collected by the family with great expertise.

The collection was bought by the reformed church in the 19th century, in order that it might provide an academic base for the newly founded Theological Academy. The library has since grown into a modern collection with theological and social studies acquisitions.

The Archives house personal documents from the Ráday family, as well as preserving materials belonging to the Danubian Reformed Church District.

The Ráday Museum in Kecskemét displays Hungarian reformed church art.

A goldsmith workshop enriches its permanent exhibition.