From Generation to Generation – Böhm-Collection


From generation to generation – preceding and proceeding in our footsteps…
It is always a challenge to convey the intellectual, spiritual and material legacy of successive generations to the general public in the closed world of an exhibition space.
The encounter with art forms shapes us and encourages us to move forwards.
This mission began with the foundation of József Böhm the Elder’s collection, mainly selected from the works of the Nagybánya masters.
József Böhm Jr.’s collection was greatly influenced by the works of
Transylvanian artists, including Saxon artists, and then, along with the lovingly preserved material from Nagybánya, he further enriched his collection with works from the Central European avant-garde and constructive art movement.
The exhibition honours the heritage that has guided us through the past and continues to guide us through the present and into the future.