Why is it worth visiting us?

Bible Museum

For many, the Bible means a thick, hard-to-read tome, which is even harder to understand. Moreover, less and less people read in the 21st century, yet we chose a book, this book as the basis of our exhibition because we know that it conveys a true message. The Bible Museum is a place where you can learn about the world of the Bible in an interactive way. We brought original archeological artifacts from Israel so that history can be even more tangible. You can see artifacts that were salvaged from sunken shipwrecks. You can find out who the Egyptian gods were and what kinds of tools were used by the Egyptians. Besides the Egyptian artifacts of the Museum of Fine Arts, you can see beautiful artifacts from early Christianity at the exhibition. You can see the scale-model of the Temple of Herod, and you can glimpse into first century synagogues and Christian churches. You can look, learn and play. You can build Noah’s Ark with your own hands and test your knowledge of the Bible through various games.

We created the exhibition to be child-friendly, and so in every part of the exhibition there is something to see for the little ones. The objects and stories in the show-cases come to life in drawings at their eye-level. Through a webcamera, they can see zoo lions, and thus we can talk about how many lions there are in the stories of the Bible.

Come and discover the world of the Bible in the Bible Museum! Come and visit! We look forward to seeing you here!